YES! Always

YES! Always


YES! Always is a campaign aimed at getting college students to ask for consent while also empowering them to own their bodies, using consent-driven and sex positive messages.

In 2015, I illustrated our superhero spokesperson, Consentress, and designed the surrounding comic book theme. The comic-book feel is bright, colorful, and positive to break through traditional formality of consent campaigns. I worked on the illustrations used in the campaign and on the website. (Costume design by Ali at Strange Bikinis)

The campaign has effectively reached hundreds of students at the University of Nevada, Reno and is available to launch at other college campuses in the U.S.


Website Banners

Website banners were key to keeping the campaign's design consistent across all platforms. Each of the major pages have unique illustrations that keep the website interesting and fun.


Event Flyers

In addition to the illustration of Consentress, I designed the surrounding comic book theme that helped keep the campaign consistent and colorful. I included popular comic book elements such as halftones, vibrant primary colors, and a comic book font.


Spring Break 2016 Comic

In 2016, I created a comic strip for the Spring Break and summer promotion of the YES! Always campaign. The campaign stayed relevant by continuous promotion from the team that took over the campaign and reached significantly more students with the Spring Break comic strip. I also created a male hero, Consentro, to accompany Consentress and stand on his own. The campaign has evolved to be inclusive towards everyone and continues to emphasize that everyone needs to understand consent.