Web Design

KB's Travel Microsite Redesign

KB's Travel is a travel consultant group focused on luxury getaways. The client came to Marketing Stable with an outdated website that wasn't mobile friendly. I was the designer on this project.

This project had a tight deadline and limited budget. Ultimately, this resulted in the project being cancelled after a couple of core pages were live. Although the live website is small in scope, I am happy with the design and process that went into it.

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I used the existing website and KB's Travel logo as the starting point for designing. I presented a few homepage mockups to narrow down the design direction.

Blue Waters

For this direction, I used the teal and yellow from the KB's Travel logo as the color palette. On photos, I used a thick white border to give a polaroid feel. I also incorporated colorful icons layered on some photos for a scrapbook effect. And as a fun detail, the site footer is underwater.

This was the final direction for the website. However, the client ultimately removed the "Let us be your guides" section and photos because of the casual blog-style voice.

Beautiful Vistas

In this option, I used a single large photo as the focal point. My goal was to include breathtaking scenery to highlight the fun of travel. The slogan "Your dreams are our priority" was carried over from the original site design. For headings, I leaned into the handwritten styling of the logo and slogan.

Infinite Possibility

Here,  I combined a scrapbook effect with a color scheme closer to the original website. I used a sandy beige for the background and pulled more colors from the logo for variety. I arranged the photos like they're scattered for a scrapbook and layered the travel line on top for visual interest. For the headings, I used a handwriting font that paired well with the logo but was still readable. As a detail in the footer, I used the palm tree beach from the logo to avoid a solid plain background.

Before & After

The old website was not mobile responsive, had outdated information, and had several broken links. The homepage in particular was dense with information, making it difficult to tell what was important.

The redesign is heavily simplified and easy to navigate. Old copy was removed to maintain a more professional tone. The navigation menu is minimal, and "Contact Us" is highlighted as the preferred call to action. Plus, it works on mobile devices!