Rose Creek Pizzeria Branding

Rose Creek Pizzeria is a small pizza restaurant in Dayton, NV that opened in 2022. They pride themselves on high-quality ingredients and craftsmanship and wanted to highlight these values in their branding.

I was the designer on this project at Marketing Stable. The client came to us with a range of ideas to explore. A strong identity was the most important goal — something that is long-lasting, representative, and would look good on merchandise. The client also wanted to emphasize quality and craftsmanship. We aimed to strike a balance between a modern logo that will last for years and something that screamed "Pizza!"


During the exploration phase, we chose to do several concepts to hone in on what felt "right" for the brand.

On one end of the spectrum, I explored a worn, vintage style based off a t-shirt design the client liked. On the opposite end, I leaned into the high-quality aspect and used burnt gold and an ornamental rose. I also explored the option of showcasing the Dolomite Mountains in the logo, which is where the owner trained to make pizza.

Ultimately, we went with the classic pizzeria-style logo with a simplified rose.

Rose Creek Pizzeria brand guidelines showing an inverse of the standard Rose Creek Pizzeria logo, the icon, and all brand colors.


The rose icon is used as a pattern on the edges of their pizza boxes. The logo is used on hats, hoodies, and t-shirts.

White pizza box with a rose pattern on the sides reads "Enjoy! Rose Creek Pizzeria"
A black hat embroidered with the full Rose Creek Pizzeria logo, next to a black hoodie with the rose icon.

Social Media

I was also responsible for the social media design of the brand. To add in a handmade, rustic feel, I incorporate a lot of texture.

A gallery of Rose Creek Pizzeria social media posts. Each features a different pizza, and the backgrounds are a textured stone or branded red.

I am also responsible for photo editing. Typically, the owner takes a photo on his phone. I take that and color correct and isolate the pizza from the background. These photos are used on social media, the menu, and product photos on their website.

A progress photo showing "Chef's Photo" of a pizza taken in dim lighting using a smartphone compared to the edited photo with vibrant colors, improved lighting, and isolated from the background.