Web Design

Vial Family Dentistry Website

Vial Family Dentistry is a family-owned dentist office with two  locations in northern Nevada. They were looking for a clean, professional website that fit their existing logo. I was the designer on this project at Marketing Stable, using photos taken by Hannah Martini Co, and Jake Zachariah wrote the site's copy.

The core goal was to create a website that had all the information a potential client would need, while still being clear and easy to navigate. We had a lot of conversations about site structure and copywriting to establish a clear direction before designing.


At the start, the client didn't have a clear vision for what they wanted the site to look like. I explored a few mock homepage designs to narrow down what fit.

Branded Beige

I used the brand's brown and a warm beige as the color scheme, and a heading font similar to the serif in the logo. This ultimately became the direction for the full site.

Minty Teal

Because Vial Family Dentistry didn't have an existing brand guide, I explored a complimentary teal to their logo's brown. The color can also remind you of minty toothpaste, fitting for a dental office.

Pops of Color

For the final direction, I focused on dental care for the whole family. While the layout is still clean and professional, I used pops of color and wavy dividers to make the page more fun.

The final website

I used a combination of icons, stock photos, and company photos to keep visual interest in pages with a lot of information. This was especially critical on their main services pages — preventative, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. I also used alternating background colors to help cue the eye for a new section.