Visual Design

Zephyr Wellness Social Media Content

Zephyr Wellness is a therapy office based in Sparks, NV that has been in business for over seven years. I was the designer on this project at Marketing Stable. Zephyr Wellness came to us at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with an urgent need to market telehealth services to existing and potential clients. Beyond that, the client's primary goal was to grow clientele.

The founders of Zephyr Wellness valued free mental health education, so that was the direction we went with their social media. Our primary challenge was being responsible for creating all content. This meant researching and proposing mental health topics to discuss before designing anything. I collaborated with Kevin Berry at Marketing Stable for content ideas. Once those were approved, I designed all the posts.

With the help of these marketing efforts, we were able to exceed the client's goal. Zephyr Wellness was able to grow their schedules to full capacity. While this meant that they no longer needed to fund social media marketing, we continued to do occassional work on informational YouTube videos and blog features.

Zephyr Wellness didn't have a clear brand voice on social media prior to this. I used their brand's desaturated purple and an off-white with the aim of making all posts calming to look at.

Image reads "If you have a cold, you visit the doctor. Treat your mental health the same."
Image reads "Slow your mind down to the present moment by focusing on 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste.
A person holds a paper checklist longer than their body. Image reads "Make sure what you're asking of yourself is reasonable."
Image reads "Box breathing technique." A box alternates Breathe In for 4 seconds, Breath Out for 4 seconds.
A silhouetted person stands with their arms outstretched on top of a mountain. Image reads "Celebrate how far you've come."
Image reads "Healing isn't linear." An arrow path goes from left to right, with many twists, turns, and knots along the way.
Image reads "Suppressing or ignoring emotions doesn't work. That emotional energy will come out eventually." There is a silhouette of a person's head with an exploding volcano inside.
Image reads "Separate yourself from your thoughts by labeling them as thoughts." On the left, a person is surrounded by clouds and thinking, "I am unlovable." On the right, the person is calmer and thinking, "I am having the thought.. I am unlovable."
Image reads "Take a break from scrolling and unclench your jaw." A cat is yawning.
Image reads "Remember, social media is a filtered view into someone's life. Don't compare that to your unfiltered life."
Image reads "10 Core Human Emotions. Fear, disgust, anger, sadness, joy, shame, surprise, contempt, guilt, excitement."
A parent crouches below their child and looks up empathetically. Image reads "Validating your child's emotions might sound like... I can tell you feel sad right now. I know that this might feel scary or overwhelming. I can see how disappointing it feels that you can't see your friends."